Who is Unbox Interactive?

So far, Unbox Interactive is just me, Bridget Wessel. I’ve been building websites for over 20 years.

Why I love my job

I’m passionate about transforming thoughtful and captivating website designs into reality. Beyond aesthetics, I thrive on ensuring a website functions seamlessly while aligning with its marketing objectives and original design. Your website represents more than just a project; it’s a chance to craft a standout digital presence that drives growth for your business. As your venture flourishes, so does our shared success.


In 2001, I embarked on my website programming journey, joining a seven-person web development firm as its sole female member. Initially aiming for a design role, fate had other plans, positioning me in programming—a role I grew to love. After a few enriching years, I collaborated with a former colleague who had ventured into his own startup. Eventually, I became his business partner. As the digital landscape evolved, we honed our expertise in Drupal development. This choice was largely driven by the demands of our clientele, predominantly universities and museums, who sought Drupal-built websites.

In 2011, I discovered WordPress—a game-changer for me. WordPress empowered me to craft websites more efficiently, allowing me to focus on tailored, custom solutions rather than continually re-engineering content management systems. It enabled me to enhance multi-browser compatibility and ensure mobile responsiveness without inflating development timelines and costs. This efficiency not only saved my clients money but also paved the way for more intricate functionalities. With WordPress, my clients gained the autonomy to update content and introduce new pages effortlessly, even without technical expertise. Inspired by the possibilities with WordPress, I launched Unbox Interactive later that year, dedicated to WordPress-centric projects that truly resonated with me. To date, I’ve successfully developed over 100 WordPress websites. While I collaborate with agencies primarily in the Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago regions, some agency partnerships have blossomed into close, albeit virtual, relationships. Despite never meeting face-to-face, our frequent chats and emails have forged strong bonds, leading to the creation of numerous sophisticated websites together.

Design Matters

While my background is rooted in programming, I recognize the paramount importance of design and content. In today’s digital age, capturing a visitor’s fleeting attention is crucial; a mere momentary distraction can send them retreating to Google search results or ChatGPT. If a website’s design appears confusing or lacks credibility, it risks losing that visitor forever. I hold the design in high regard and appreciate the significance of whitespace—it’s an integral part of a page’s composition. Many designers I collaborate with have expressed surprise and gratitude at how faithfully I translate their designs into functional web interfaces. Before final delivery, I meticulously review the code, ensuring a smoother user experience by minimizing potential glitches. Having been both an employer and a co-owner, I understand the challenges of issue tracking firsthand. By faithfully replicating your digital design specifications, I aim to streamline the process, saving everyone valuable time and preventing unnecessary frustrations.