The Events Calendar: Permanently Delete and Move to Trash settings will not change

I don’t know if this is something that happens to others, but I’ve had it happen on a few sites using The Events Calendar plugin. In The Events Calendar settings, you can set two values: “Move to trash events older than” and “Permanently delete events older than”. On at least a couple sites, these values […]

The Events Calendar: Missing “Add to iCalendar” link

I am finishing up switching all my clients using The Events Calendar plugin to the new Events Calendar V2 templates (removing all event template overrides I had in place), and had a rather frustrating and time consuming issue crop up. On the single event page, the “Add to iCalendar” link was missing. This link should […]

Comparing Event Plugins: Events Manager, Events Calendar, Sugar Calendar

My clients’ sites often need a way to list upcoming events, and sometimes sell tickets. The two WordPress event plugins with the most flexibility and installs are Events Calendar and Events Manager. The new kid on the block is Sugar Calendar, by Sandhills Development, the creators of Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro, and […]

New Archive Page Title Filters in WP 5.5

WordPress 5.5 adds a couple new filters that should be useful to adjust the page title displayed in the archive.php template. See this article for more details. The first is a filter named get_the_archive_title_prefix which can be used to change or remove the prefix returned when using the function get_the_archive_title to write out the page […]

List Categories and Taxonomies in Template.

All regular Post Categories All Terms in Taxonomy See possible parameters to get_terms(). No single function to get all terms as links. Example below to loop through get_terms() result with links.

Single Post/CPT Category/Taxonomy Template Tags

Below are functions to display categories or taxonomies attached to a single post or custom post type. Some functions work only on the built in Post ‘category’. Others work on taxonomies which can be attached to the built in Post or a Custom Post Type. Display Single Post’s Categories as links Display Single Post’s Categories […]

Why I Recommend Hosting with WP Engine

I currently manage over 70 websites for clients ranging from small single person businesses to large corporations with products sold in your local Target. WP Engine is the partner I trust to keep the sites running smoothly on the server side. I am not a server administrator. There are way too many things to stay […]

Yoast Breadcrumbs for Custom Post Types and Blog Posts

There are a couple tricky settings that affect how Yoast’s breadcrumbs display for Custom Post Types and Blog Posts. It can be a bit frustrating when breadcrumbs are not displaying correctly and you don’t know why. I figured out today, it’s all in the settings. Custom Post Types Breadcrumbs When creating Custom Post Types with […]