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Setting up Google Cloud Platform Account for Maps

Every site that embeds Google Maps through Google’s Maps APIs is now required to be associated with a Billing account. The Billing account is set up in Google’s Cloud Platform. Every account receives $200 in free credits per month. For most sites, the $200 credit covers the costs associated with Maps. For details on how…

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WordPress’ Privacy Policy Guide

WordPress 4.9.6 included the following Privacy Policy Guide. It is a bit buried in the admin though so I copied it here for clients to view.  It is intended to help create a Privacy Policy that complies with the new GDPR. Below is copied from WordPress’ Privacy Policy Guide. Under each section heading you will…

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Gentle Introduction to Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how many people view your website and how your website is used? If so, you might be surprised to know there is a way to view this data if your website was set up with the free Google Analytics service. All my clients’ websites have this service set up and have…

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Unbox’s WordPress and Plugins Update Plan

WordPress runs over 20% of the web which makes it a big target for hackers. Hackers like to target well known vulnerabilities so they get the most bang for their script and it’s easy to tell if a site is running WordPress, what plugins it is using and what version it is on: see BuiltWith….

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More on Mobile Websites

If you are redoing your website and your developer is offering a non-mobile friendly option, please read these statistics before making your decision: Your new website should be around for at least the next five years – possibly much longer. We view websites on everything from TVs, tablets, desktops, laptops and mobile phones today….

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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

The talk around mobile websites has been going on for years. It used to be that the number of hits from mobile was low. However, times have changed – dramatically. This morning I noticed one of my sites is reporting over 35% of its visitors are coming from mobile and tablet devices. Users make very…

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