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Category Template Tags

The following functions can be used on the category.php template to display information about the current category. Display Current Category Title on category.php: Display Current Category Description: Get Current Category Object: Use Category Object returned above to get ACF fields on category: Display Category Link – works for custom taxonomies and post categories.

Handy WordPress Functions

A collection of WordPress functions I use often. Link to Home: Include another php file: *File name separated on ‘-‘ between two inputs to function. So if named include-content-blocks.php call is: Custom field images (not featured): Get image values in array instead of outputting image: Retrieving featured images is a different function: Get Image Caption […]

WP_Query – Order by multiple custom fields

The Code Always call wp_reset_postdata() afterwards to reset the global $post value. Otherwise, any attempt to retrieve data from the page will return null.

Modifying WordPress excerpts

When displaying links to your posts, it’s helpful to display a short excerpt so your readers can quickly get an overall idea of the article. The built in function to display the excerpt defaults to a certain number of words and displays a “Continue Reading” link at the end. Both defaults can be modified to […]

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