How to Have Beautiful Share Icons with Counts

I’m often given designs with custom icons for sharing blog posts and until now, I’ve told these designers we had to go with the icons provided with a share plugin like AddThis, ShareThis, Shareaholic or AddToAny. When I did find a plugin that promised you could customize your icons, it turned out custom icons only…

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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

The talk around mobile websites has been going on for years. It used to be that the number of hits from mobile was low. However, times have changed – dramatically. This morning I noticed one of my sites is reporting over 35% of its visitors are coming from mobile and tablet devices. Users make very…

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Web Tips for Designers

Right brain vs left brain, creative vs analytical, mac vs PC; call it what you want, but the fact still remains: designers and programmers don’t always see eye to eye. In the web world however, we have to work together, support each other and solve problems together. We work together very closely to create complex…

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