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Installing WordPress in sub directories

To install WordPress in a sub folder instead of your site root, you’ll need to make a couple changes. If you are doing a new WordPress install, you will skip this first step. To move an existing site, the site path has to be changed in all instances in your database.  For instance, if WordPress […]

Disabling Trackbacks and Pings in WordPress

If you’ve started receiving suspicious trackbacks or pings from other blogs on your WordPress site, you are not alone. Like so much on the web, these useful tools have become slaves for spammers or people looking to increase their page rankings. If you would like to stop this blog spam on your site, you can […]

Switching URLs in WordPress

When moving sites from development to production, one important part of the moving is changing the domain name WordPress recognizes and throughout all the content. Unfortunately in WordPress, there isn’t one place in the administration tool to change the website domain name everywhere, despite the ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Site address’ options in General Settings. These […]

Modifying WordPress excerpts

When displaying links to your posts, it’s helpful to display a short excerpt so your readers can quickly get an overall idea of the article. The built in function to display the excerpt defaults to a certain number of words and displays a “Continue Reading” link at the end. Both defaults can be modified to […]

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