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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

The talk around mobile websites has been going on for years. It used to be that the number of hits from mobile was low. However, times have changed – dramatically. This morning I noticed one of my sites is reporting over 35% of its visitors are coming from mobile and tablet devices. Users make very…

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Useful WordPress Plugins

After building a number of WordPress sites, I’ve found a few plugins that make my life a LOT easier. The developers below have put a lot of effort into making WordPress the great system it is today. Be sure to rate plugins you use to help other developers find plugins that work. Plugins are listed…

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What to do when wp-admin returns a blank screen

After moving my working development site to a new host, I was getting a totally blank page at /wp-admin.  A google search revealed this is a common problem.  Most replies say something about removing any extra spaces from the bottom of your functions.php or wp-config.php files.  I usually leave off the closing php tag in…

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Installing WordPress in sub directories

To install WordPress in a sub folder instead of your site root, you’ll need to make a couple changes. If you are doing a new WordPress install, you will skip this first step. To move an existing site, the site path has to be changed in all instances in your database.  For instance, if WordPress…

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Disabling Trackbacks and Pings in WordPress

If you’ve started receiving suspicious trackbacks or pings from other blogs on your WordPress site, you are not alone. Like so much on the web, these useful tools have become slaves for spammers or people looking to increase their page rankings. If you would like to stop this blog spam on your site, you can…

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Firefox Add-ons

Even though I know developers who have switched to Google Chrome and love it, I still prefer Firefox. There are a couple of Firefox Add-ons I can’t do without and they are worth having access to even if Firefox is not your browser of choice. I use MeasureIt to figure out how much space I…

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Switching URLs in WordPress

Note: This page contains new information. I was using a simple mysql script to replace urls in three tables which worked on all my sites until I used a widget that relied on serialized data containing URLs. Serialized data contains the length of the string and changing the URL in serialized data requires updating the…

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