The Events Calendar: Missing “Add to iCalendar” link

I am finishing up switching all my clients using The Events Calendar plugin to the new Events Calendar V2 templates (removing all event template overrides I had in place), and had a rather frustrating and time consuming issue crop up. On the single event page, the “Add to iCalendar” link was missing. This link should show right after the “Add to Google Calendar” link, which is below the event content.

After switching to the Twenty Twenty theme and turning off all plugins, the link was still not displaying. I have a number of other clients using The Events Calendar plugin and the “Add to iCalendar” link shows on those. I was stuck contacting Events Calendar support.

Once I persuaded Events Calendar support to look into the matter (I had to respond to the ticket 3!! times to report I had in fact disabled all other plugins and switched to a WordPress Twenty [year] theme), they asked for access to log into my site. Once they took me seriously, support was quick to respond that they had logged into the site and had it fixed.

The issue was I was using a very basic but custom template for my Events, and had set the “Events template” setting to this template. (This setting is found on Events Calendar -> Settings -> General [tab] and labeled “Events template”.) This setting persisted after switching to a different theme, even though the template did not exist in the other theme. Using the “Default Events Template” for this setting got the “Add to iCalendar” link back.

I tested on a fresh site, and the “Add to iCalendar” link disappears if you set the “Events template” to anything except the “Default Events Template” as of The Events Calendar version So, if you are using the new V2 event templates, and are not overwriting the single event template, up to version, the “Add to iCalendar” link only shows if you are using the “Default Events Template”.

Screenshot of the calendar links. Left is using “Default Events Template” and right is using “Default Page Template” with theme Twenty Twenty.